Solve for K
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Solve for T_2
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T_{2}\times 380m^{2}=1.52mm\times 290K
Multiply both sides of the equation by 380m^{2}.
T_{2}\times 380m^{2}=1.52m^{2}\times 290K
Multiply m and m to get m^{2}.
T_{2}\times 380m^{2}=440.8m^{2}K
Multiply 1.52 and 290 to get 440.8.
440.8m^{2}K=T_{2}\times 380m^{2}
Swap sides so that all variable terms are on the left hand side.
The equation is in standard form.
\frac{5\times \left(\frac{2204m^{2}}{5}\right)K}{2204m^{2}}=\frac{5\times 380T_{2}m^{2}}{2204m^{2}}
Divide both sides by 440.8m^{2}.
K=\frac{5\times 380T_{2}m^{2}}{2204m^{2}}
Dividing by 440.8m^{2} undoes the multiplication by 440.8m^{2}.
Divide 380T_{2}m^{2} by 440.8m^{2}.
T_{2}=\frac{1.52m^{2}\times 290K}{380mm}
Multiply m and m to get m^{2}.
T_{2}=\frac{1.52m^{2}\times 290K}{380m^{2}}
Multiply m and m to get m^{2}.
T_{2}=\frac{1.52\times 29K}{38}
Cancel out 10m^{2} in both numerator and denominator.
Multiply 1.52 and 29 to get 44.08.
Divide 44.08K by 38 to get 1.16K.