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\frac{2+1}{2}\times \frac{3\times 5+4}{5}
Multiply 1 and 2 to get 2.
\frac{3}{2}\times \frac{3\times 5+4}{5}
Add 2 and 1 to get 3.
\frac{3}{2}\times \frac{15+4}{5}
Multiply 3 and 5 to get 15.
\frac{3}{2}\times \frac{19}{5}
Add 15 and 4 to get 19.
\frac{3\times 19}{2\times 5}
Multiply \frac{3}{2} times \frac{19}{5} by multiplying numerator times numerator and denominator times denominator.
Do the multiplications in the fraction \frac{3\times 19}{2\times 5}.